MyDomain Partners: Dr. Madelyn Goocher and Pet Care Center

Community, Paramount / Oct 17, 2014

Residents at The Paramount become members of the MyDomain program, a suite of services and amenities that includes an extensive family of local businesses offering specials and incentives to residents. With this series, you’ll learn a bit more about what makes our MyDomain partners so special. This week, Pet Care Center.


Dr. Madelyn Goocher [pictured above] loves what she does, and when you meet the individuals she cares for it’s easy to understand why. Pet Care Center (PCC) at 319 N. Diamond Street is part veterinary center, part daycare facility, and part pet spa, which is why we were so excited to team up with them to offer care for our residents’ furry family members. Dr. Goocher spoke with us recently about how PCC operates and her favorite memories from her veterinary career.


How did Pet Care Center come to the Warehouse District?

Pet Care Center has a main clinic on David Drive in Metairie, and they started developing satellite clinics a few years ago. They have the one here in the Warehouse District, there’s one on Esplanade on the edge of the French Quarter, there’s one in Mid-City that just opened up last year, and they also have one in Chalmette. But we’re all a part of the Pet Care Center on David Drive.



One of the center’s daycare pups smiles for the camera.


What sort of services do you provide on a daily basis here?

We do a lot of preventative care – vaccines; heartworm testing, medication, and treatment; simple surgeries like spays, neuters, and dental cleanings. If a more complicated surgery is needed, we can take pets to our main location, which has more doctors, an ICU treatment area, and 24/7 emergency services. We offer daycare and full grooming services here, too.


What do you like best about your job?

I love interacting with the clients and their pets and forming that relationship, especially in the Warehouse District where it’s so close-knit. You can be walking one of the dogs and see a client and their pet. You end up with a bond that you might not get at other clinics.


Pet Care Center is cat-friendly, too!

Pet Care Center is cat-friendly, too!


What’s your favorite memory from working with Pet Care Center?

We had a 14-year-old black Lab that came in when I was working at the main clinic on David Drive. She had heatstroke – she was completely overheated, when she got in she was really down-and-out. We ended up treating her for several days and also finding out that her airways were closed – there’s a condition that dogs can get where they have laryngeal paralysis. Dogs and cats don’t sweat, so the only way for them to cool themselves is through panting – she wasn’t able to do that.

I went to a referral center with her where they did a surgery to open up her airways, and she’s doing fantastic now! She ended up great, still kickin’ at 14-years-old! People often say they don’t want to put an old dog through surgery, but it was either that or make a decision for her. Labs are the sweetest dogs, she was always wagging her tail.

That’s probably my favorite veterinary-related memory, but just in general I love the clients that we have. They’re so wonderful, so nice, and everyone really cares about their pet. Their pets are family members and they treat them as such. I just think it’s awesome how well the pets are taken care of.


Pet Care Center's veterinary technicians are dedicated to great pet care.

Pet Care Center’s veterinary technicians are dedicated to great pet care.


What should downtown pet owners know about having a pet in the city?

Just be careful around other dogs. Not all dogs are friendly, and we’re in a more confined space downtown, so keep your dogs on a short leash if they have the potential to be aggressive. Long zip line leashes sometimes aren’t the best option. If you have a dog that’s friendly, be aware that there might be other dogs that aren’t.


City-friendly collars and leashes for sale.

City-friendly collars and leashes for sale.


What do you like most about working in the neighborhood?

I love that you can just walk anywhere and be so close to businesses and places to eat. You’re right in the mix of everything. That’s been my favorite part of this location – it’s just a really nice area. The Warehouse District and the CBD have done a great job of making it beautiful and having these gorgeous renovated buildings, new buildings – there’s always something new when you turn the corner!


New Orleans: Even our dogs love the Saints!

New Orleans: Even our dogs love the Saints!


How do you see the future of the business and the neighborhood?

Our hope is to renovate the building in the next two years to expand our care options and have a whole floor dedicated to daycare. As for the neighborhood, it’s going to continue to grow – so many new people are coming to the area. That’s another thing I love about the neighborhood, you have people from all over. It’s becoming a melting pot, which I think is going to help it expand.


Visit Pet Care Center at 319 N. Diamond Street, or online via their website or Facebook page. Thanks to Dr. Goocher for chatting with us!