Ursa Major Restaurant and Cocktail Bar to Open in The Paramount

Community, Paramount / Sep 30, 2014

We’re excited to announce that the team behind Booty’s Street Food in the Bywater will introduce a completely new restaurant concept – Ursa Major – to The Paramount early next year! Ursa Major will also be serving our residents directly as the building’s exclusive poolside food and beverage provider.

“We’ve been searching for a home to open our next restaurant for a long time, and we’re convinced that we’ve found the perfect location in the South Market District,” said Kevin Farrell, Co-Owner of Booty’s Street Food. “The density of new residents, workers, and culinary offerings is rapidly increasing, and we’re absolutely thrilled to participate in this growth.”

Ursa Major will offer cuisine and cocktails of the same caliber that has earned Booty’s Street Food international recognition, including a poolside-friendly menu for The Paramount’s residents. Of the menu concept, Farrell revealed, “We’re embarking on a further exploration of international small plates and craft cocktails, but from a stargazer’s perspective.”

For more updates, follow Ursa Major on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ursamajornola.